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about abode HIP

abode HIP is the home information pack section of abode conveyancing limited who have been providing efficient, highly competitive conveyancing on the Internet for over 5 years, and you can therefore be sure that our HIP is fully compliant with the government guidelines.

You can also be assured that with abode HIP you are receiving a legally compliant Home Information Pack that will not be dragged out of a drawer in a few years time by the buyer of your home in order that they pursue you owing to some inaccuracy.

We are very proud of our customer service and our business, and we welcome anyone to call us, request that we call them, or visit our West Yorkshire Offices (by appointment only so that we may plan to have someone availabe to answer your questions).

click here to get a quote or instruct an online hip from £172 + VAT now! or please see the contact us section to email us, or call 0870 172 0 172.