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abode HIP FAQ's

What is a home information pack and do I need one?

A Home Information Pack or HIP has been a legal requirement for all vendors of regular residential property since the 14th of December 2007. The pack consists of the local authority enquiries (traditionally organised by the purchaser's solicitor), title documents and an Energy performance certificate.

Does the abode HIP include EVERYTHING?

YES, and it includes free print-outs. The abode HIP comprises:

  1. The HIP index.
  2. The Sale Statement
  3. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  4. The Local Authority Search
  5. The Drainage and Water Search
  6. The Land Registry title
  7. The Land Registry title plan
  8. The Lease (for leasehold properties)
  9. Make unlimited Free HIP hard copy printouts from your own printer!

If you are considering another provider, check they include all this with NO additional costs or nasty get-out clauses.

why use abode?

How long will it take?

When can I market my property?

Immediatley after we have taken payment for your HIP.

What is the procedure?

  1. Decide which payment option is best suited for you.
  2. Fill out the online instruction or call abode HIP on 0870 172 0 172.
  3. Once payment is taken you will receive an email containing details allowing access to the HIP secure login area.
  4. You are then able to view each component of the HIP and its status from a simple interface. The HIP index will advise you when each part of the HIP should be returned from that component provider, or that it has been returned.
  5. You will be notified by email when the HIP is legally complete and the HIP Index header background will turn green.
  6. You can also send login details to your estate agents or potential purchasers

My estate agent said that I have to use their HIP

An estate agent can not make you use their HIP. Often Estate Agents HIP's are very expensive, which is usually because they take a cut from the HIP provider.

How much will it cost?

The upfront cost is only £172 + VAT, when you also instruct us for your comveyancing, with abode HIP there are NO hidden extras! The cost without conveyancing is still a market leading £195 +VAT!

Why are our costs so competitive -surely your HIP can't be as good?

We have our own HIP system so that we can offer HIP's cheaper than other providers and Estate Agents who have to pay another intermediary and still take their cut after that.

Can I compile my own HIP?

Yes it is possible to organise your own Local search, Drainage search and title documents, and then instruct your own Energy Assessor. You will then have to manufacture your own Index and insure the HIP.

However the cost of organising your own HIP will undoubtedly be more than ordering a fully compliant and automatic HIP from abode HIP as abode has negotiated aggressively priced components with premium service levels in return for bulk work which the public cannot match.

click here to get a quote or instruct an online hip from £172 + VAT now! or please see the contact us section to email us, or call 0870 172 0 172.